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Art world converges on Miami Beach for Art Basel ‘party’

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ArtBasel Miami BeachBeginning Thursday, the contemporary art world will be in Miami Beach and its environs for the second largest art fair in the world: Art Basel Miami Beach.

This includes artists, art critics, private dealers, advisers, galleries, curators, collectors, celebrities – and yes, mere lovers of art. The known, the not-so-known, the conservative and the bizarre — all will preen, posture and push their way through the heavy crowds to view artworks from both emerging and well-established artists for the first time. Millions of dollars will change hands as people vie for work by the next big star or biggest art-world phenomenon.

Frederic Snitzer, owner of the Frederic Snitzer Gallery in Miami and also a member of the Art Basel Selection Committee, puts it this way:

“There is an enormous amount of competition for a limited amount of material,” he said.

This competition takes place on multiple levels. Galleries compete to woo the top collectors. Avid collectors compete to acquire the best work. “People practically kill to get into the early previews,” Snitzer said.

“Art Basel” itself is one fair, but it has also become an umbrella phrase for the 20 or so satellite, smaller fairs that take place simultaneously each December. They run the gamut from innovative to kitschy and appeal to a diverse audience. But most repeat attendees agree that there are three significant satellite fairs not to miss if you’re a trend watcher.

These are the New Art Dealer’s Alliance (NADA) Art Fair, Scope Miami and Pulse Miami (This is not to say that the others aren’t good. The Miami Beach Visitor’s Bureau has a list of all the fairs:

Here’s a look at the main fair and these three satellites:
Click Here to Read the full article at Palm Beach ArtsPaper


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