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California Impressionists captured optimistic moment in time

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Red and Green by Joseph Kleitsch

Red and Green by Joseph Kleitsch

Glancing at the viewer, a woman shields her face from the sun. She stands in a garden resplendent with color. Red geraniums dance at her feet alongside the stone pathway where she stands. Alongside her, a woman kneels and tends to the garden.

Throughout the painting, titled Red and Green by Joseph Kleitsch, patches of shade and bright sunlight compete for dominance. A moment in time is captured, resulting in questions: Who is this woman? Who is she looking at?

The answers are irrelevant because she belongs to everyone. And her moment in time is equally familiar.

In another work, The Idle Hour (1917) by John Hubbard Rich, a woman reclines in a rocking chair. She gently fans herself with an elegant, Oriental-style fan. She appears at ease, but lost in thought. The room is awash in a hazy, sunlit glow that seems to match the subdued nature of her mood.

The ability to elegantly capture moments of quietude like these is so much a part of the appeal of the artists represented in California Impressionism: Paintings from the Irvine Museum, now on view at the Boca Raton Museum of Art until April 17.

Read the full review at The Palm Beach ArtsPaper.


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