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Hudson River painters captured glory of a rising nation

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In the final room of the exhibit Hudson River School Masterpieces from the New-York Historical Society, now on view at  The Society of the Four Arts through Sunday, there are two striking portraits of the men considered to be the fathers of the movement: Thomas Cole and Asher Durand.

One could also pronounce them the fathers of American art because, during their lifetimes, they gave credence to the United States as a place where artists could find unparalleled inspiration – and make a viable living with their work.

Thomas Cole was merely 22 when his work was discovered, in 1825, in a New York City shop by Durand and two other painters, John Trumbull and William Dunlap. They quickly purchased all three of his paintings (for a mere $25 each) and Trumbull remarked to the dealer, “I am delighted, and at the same time mortified. This youth has done at once, and without instruction, what I cannot do after 50 years of practice.”

Durand and Cole would develop a bond of friendship that lasted until Cole’s untimely death in 1848.

Read the full review at The Palm Beach ArtsPaper.


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