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Rivane Neuenschwander at Miami Art Museum

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Miami Art Museum Senior Curator, Peter Boswell, stands beside Rivane Neuenschwander's work Chove Chuva | Rain Rains. The man on the ladder is part of the work.

In July I attended the press preview for the mid-career survey of Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander.  This exhibit, A Day Like Any Other, moved me in a way that I haven’t been moved by art in quite some time.  I think this was primarily because, while so many artists focus on their own inner turmoil and emotions, Neuenschwander is preoccuppied with what her audience carries into her work, which is part-installation, part-peformance, part-painting, part-drawing.  Her work is so many things that it’s near-impossible for a critic like myself to categorize it.  And, in this case, for me, this added to both her charm and brilliance as an artist.

Neuenschwander was present at the preview and I found her to be as fascinating as her work.  She is humble and shy.  In fact, Senior Curator Peter Boswell took the lead for mosts of the tour.  However, when asked direct questions, or when interjecting information about specific facets of the work we were viewing, she was interesting,  thoughtful and earnest.  

I capture some video of her speaking about the work that is pictured here, Chove Chuva | Rain Rains.  It’s both installation and performance and it spotlights the slowly-fading Brazilian rain forest, while also commenting on the transendence of time through buckets suspended from the ceiling from which slowly drips water throughout the day.  The performance aspect of this work is that there is a maintenance man hired specifically to periodically replace the lapsed water buckets, which he does using a ladder.

I reviewed the exhibit and you can read my impressions at The Palm Beach ArtsPaper website.



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