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Important information about the new .art domain

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This morning I received an important email from the people at e-flux that stated, “We are writing to inform you about a new development that will have a serious impact for art practitioners, institutions of art, and art publics world wide.”

e-flux art domain informationWhat they were informing me about is the upcoming .art domain.  This is of major importance for anyone involved in anything related to art – from museums to galleries to artists to writers like myself.

The authority that governs domain names on the Web, which is known as ICANN, has been screening applicants to select the company who will manage the new .art top-level domain.  (Important note: the Internet is not the same thing as the World Wide Web or the “Web.” It’s important to know that the Web runs on the Internet, but though the two terms are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.)

I believe, without a doubt, that e-flux is exactly the right organization for the job.

As you may know, e-flux is an artist-run organization that began in 1999 as a simple mailing list, but has now grown into a daily educational tool for those in the field.  You can’t underestimate the valuable service they provide in keeping us all informed about major art happenings all over the world.  They do this in an unbiased and intelligently thoughtful manner that I greatly admire.

I look forward to reading their daily email.  I’ve gotten many story ideas from it and I often forward it to friends and colleagues.

It appears that e-flux is the only applicant from the art community and that makes it very important that we support their efforts.  They are up against corporate investors and commercial interests and if those guys get it, they will be guided by profit motivation, not the love of art.  This will make it more expensive and difficult to obtain an .art domain.

You can read the e-flux application by clicking here.

However, what I’d really like to encourage you to do is send your comments in support of e-flux to ICANN via this link.

The people at e-flux have provided this helpful letter template which you can use and modify:


Our organization/individual practitioner, (insert name), is an active member of the art community since (insert date / year). Our activities consist of (briefly describe your organization or your professional activity), as can be seen on our website (insert URL).

We fully support and endorse e-flux’s application for the .ART TLD, and share their forward-looking vision for this innovative name space.

(insert name of representative)
(insert name of individual/ company / organization)


Written by Jenifer Mangione Vogt

June 20, 2012 at 4:38 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Hi Jenifer,

    From the list of 10 applicants, I also feel the e-flux is quite probably the best option.

    Best regards,



    June 20, 2012 at 11:46 pm

  2. I’ve chosen not to post the comments I’m receiving on this post that speak out against ICANN or e-Flux as the new administrator of .art.

    I greatly admire e-Flux and I would like to see them manage .art if it is possible. They have made a public statement that they plan to channel revenues from .art back into the artistic community and I strongly support that stance.

    If you have a dispute with that, I encourage you to contact them or to contact ICANN. The people at e-Flux are very reasonable and I’m sure they would welcome a thoughtful conversation with you on this matter. Thank you.

    Jenifer Mangione Vogt

    June 21, 2012 at 9:03 pm

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