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New Work from Sibel Kocobasi

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ImageI just got this wonderful new drawing by Turkish artist Sibel Kocabasi.  I’ve been following her career since I met her here in South Florida a few years ago when she curated a pop-up show for a group of contemporary artists who mostly work and teach in Palm Beach.

Sibel’s work, for many reasons, is riveting to me.  I just did a studio visit and was mesmerized by some new, very large paintings in her home.  The work she does is varied, but she does have a unique style.  What I find most absorbing is the depth that her work conveys.  There’s one painting in particular that has these beautiful layers of color, almost like Peacock plumes. I told her, “I’m either going to make you a wonderful offer on this work someday, or I’m going to get you a great price from someone.”  She just smiled.

Sibel has that beautiful depth and sensitivity that so many great artists have.  This past year, she curated this very thoughtful show at the home of contemporary art collectors Elayne and Dr. Marvin Mordes.  I wasn’t able to attend, but read about it in the papers.  She gathered a group of artists to work around the theme “Outside the Box,” a clever play on the fact that the exhibit was held outside the gallery “box” of the public exhibit space the Mordes have in their West Palm Beach home.

The drawing here is exquisite. It’s nuanced and layered with such intricate detail that it makes me think she must have the patience of a saint.  Though it’s abstract, when I look at it I begin to see all these wonderful shapes and images, so it’s becoming like a Rorschach test of the days’ mood.

I’ll post more of Sibel’s work soon.


Written by Jenifer Mangione Vogt

August 24, 2012 at 2:07 am

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