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Agustina Woodgate at 2012 Art Basel Miami Beach

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Agustina Woodgate and Anthony Spinello

Agustina Woodgate pictured with Anthony Spinello. Woodgate will represent Spinello Projects in the Art Positions sector of this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach.

This morning great news arrived in a press release from Spinello Projects announcing that the work of Argentinean-born and Miami-based artist Agustina Woodgate will appear in the Art Positions sector of this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, which will be held December 6-9 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

If you follow my blog and social media pages, you already know that I’m a fan of hers.  I’ve tagged her a few times as an artist I think is worth watching.  I like to think I’ve been around art long enough to spot talent, but it’s great to get the affirmation that I was right. It’s funny, too, because I had just posted on my Facebook page on September 2nd that I predicted great things for her.  Now, I get this.  I’m telling you – this young artist is amazing!  (My next Miami artist-to-watch: Zach Balber).

I stumbled upon Woodgate’s work when she was doing this wonderful “poetry bombing” project where she would go into Miami thrift stores and sew tags with poetry into the clothing.  I found this charming and uplifting and it made me pay attention.  She’s got a palpable energy stream that emanates in everything she does.  She’s dynamic.  The more I learned about her, the more I liked her.  Now, I follow her travels and projects via her Facebook page and she’s always doing something interesting.

Woodgate partners often with Anthony Spinello, an intelligent and uber-hip young dealer here in Miami who also blogs for ArtInfo.  Since I arrived here about four years ago, I’ve watched his gallery evolve into one of Miami’s best.  Having been selected for Art Basel MB confirms others have been watching him and think the same.  He’s staged nice work at SCOPE over the past two years.

Art Positions provides a showcase for the work of a single emerging artist.  Woodgate’s work is called “New Landscape.”  This is what the release has to say about it:

Positive and negative matter from three representations of the planet Earth will be featured — each representation a proposal for a new kind of territorial exploration. Rather than nations or countries taking precedence as the visual anchor, the Earth as a whole, all at once rendered mute, but equal, becomes the primary focus. From the violent, aggressive gesture of erasing political borders and imagined national spaces, Woodgate offers a signal of hope: an optimistic realization of a world both beautiful to behold and comforting to imagine.

I think that’s what resonates most with me about Woodgate’s work.  There’s a lot of “hope” in it.  It’s always affirming and I’m looking forward to seeing this.

Click here to see the entire line up for this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach that was released earlier today.


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