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Art Basel Miami Beach for JetSet

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I just received the copy of the article I ghostwrote about Art Basel Miami Beach for JetSet magazine on behalf of a prominent dealer and art adviser.


The Art of the Deal by Noah Horowitz

The Art of the Deal by Noah Horowitz

This provided me the opportunity to interview Noah Horowitz, the director of the Armory Art Show and also the author of The Art of the Deal, an amazing book about the economics that drive the contemporary art world and market.  In addition to Noah, I also interviewed Bob Goodman, the Miami spokesperson for the Basel organization and Frederic Snitzer, the only Miami gallerist on the Basel MB selection committee.

One person I interviewed was a particular high – Ron Warren – wait, I should actually say the “uber-famous” Ron Warren, because he’s such an art-world heavyweight and persona, from Mary Boone Gallery.  I wrote an extensive research paper on Mary Boone when I was getting my art history degree.  I idolized her and her gallery.  I was going there when I was a teenager for gosh sake. Also interviewed are Norman Braman, one of the world’s leading art collectors and the man who helped bring Basel to Miami and Carol Damian, the chief curator for the Frost Museum of Art.  Matt Bangser from Blum & Poe provided the perfect quotes and info to round out the article.  It was as though he read my mind.

Up next for me is that JetSet has asked me to write a second feature on the Palm Beach art fairs and this time I’ll get the credit.  I’m working on that as we speak….


Written by Jenifer Mangione Vogt

December 13, 2012 at 12:31 pm

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