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Charmed by Palm Beach’s Liman Gallery

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Liman Gallery Bookstore Palm Beach

Liman Gallery Bookstore, Palm Beach

Last week, I trekked up to Palm Beach — and I mean way up beyond Worth Avenue to near where The Breakers is — to review a show of work by Emily Zuch at the Liman Gallery.  I’m so glad I did.  I really fell in love with this gallery, which occupies one large gallery space at the corner of the Paramount Building and another smaller exhibition space a few storefronts down.

In both of these spaces, Ellen Liman has created a charming venue for art that includes a nook area for out-of-print and rare art books, as well as ample exhibitions space that is teeming with art work from some very well-known artists, but everything is so jam-packed that if you don’t look closely and take your time, you’ll miss some real gems.

For example, what made this visit even more of a delight, Liman had a work by one of my favorite artists, who I also wrote my senior thesis about, Miriam Schapiro.  Schapiro emerged in significance during the 70s when she was recognized as part of a group of feminist artists that included Judy Chicago who helped elevate traditional female crafts, such as needlepoint and quilting, to “high art” status.

Liman has a great eye and is also very well-connected in the art world. She attends all the major fairs in the US and Europe and she’s bringing cutting edge and interesting contemporary art to Palm Beach.  Her gallery is not to be missed if you’re visiting or even if you live here and have never been.

Miriam Schapiro Geometry of Needlework 1979

“Geometry of Needlework,” 1979, Miriam Schapiro

I also enjoyed Zuch’s exhibit, “The Land of Fake Nature.”  Zuch, who is 27, created large-scale oil paintings done on sheets of paper that are colorful and imaginative, as well as smaller drawings that bring to mind the work of Edward Gorey.  You can read more about her in my review of the show for the Palm Beach ArtsPaper.

Emily Zuch Land of Fake Nature

Emily Zuch stands amidst her exhibit, “Land of Fake Nature” on view at Palm Beach’s Liman Gallery until March 16, 2013.