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Cheryl Maeder in Icons & Images

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Dreamscapes, Everglades I, 4/10, Photograph on Plexiglas, 30 x 45 inches in size | Permanent Collection of the Frost Museum of Art

Cheryl Maeder, Dreamscapes, Everglades I, 4/10, Photograph on Plexiglas, 30 x 45 inches in size.   Permanent Collection of the Frost Museum of Art

The exhibit “Icons & Images” opens tomorrow night, Saturday, May 18, at Curator’s Art Voice Projects during the monthly Wynwood Art Walk.  The show will feature work from Palm Beach-based artist Cheryl Maeder.

I’m a fan of Maeder’s work where she creates dream-like images, derived from underlying photographs that challenge the viewer’s subconscious response to familiar scenes by literally blurring the line between perception and reality.  She calls them “Dreamscapes” and that’s also the title of the series these works belong to.  It’s like she’s applied the principles of impressionistic painting to photography and the viewer is left with an impression, rather than a clear-cut image.  Yet, enough of the original image is discernible to make out figures at rest, at play and frolicking on the beach.

I derive a sense of joyfulness from Maeder’s work because in blurring reality she brings to the forefront what’s most beautiful about each image – the light, the color, the sense of motion and expression.  Before launching her artistic career, Maeder enjoyed a lucrative career as a fine art and advertising photographer.  Her work was actually the inspiration for the Dove Campaign onReal Women, Real Beauty that’s been seen all over the world.  You can learn more about Maeder and her work on her website at

Cheryl Maeder Dreamscapes

Cheryl Maeder, Dreamscapes, Sea & Sky V, 4/10, Photograph on Plexiglas, 30 x 45 inches in size

Two of the works form Maeders’ Dreamscapes series will be on view in Icons & Images.  These include, “Dreamscapes: Everglades I” and “Dreamscapes, Sea & Sky V.”   The exhibit is curated by Milagros Bello, Ph.D. and will also feature work from 16 other artists.  In her description of the show she writes, “Through the intertext of the visual images or through univocal frontal figures, the artists signal and echo societal issues: the critical feminine condition, the chaos of urban life, the money factor, death or war, the critical poverty condition in poor countries, lay underneath some of the works.

Curator’s Voice Art Projects is located at 299 NW 25th St., Miami, FL 33127.  You can get more information about “Icon & Images,” including the full schedule of events, at the website at or by calling 786-357-0568.

Written by Jenifer Mangione Vogt

May 17, 2013 at 9:45 pm